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Posted by Melanie Zamora - OE Advisors on April 10, 2018

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When looking into Performance Management, there are many ideas to consider. This blog written by contributing author, Melanie Zamora of OE Advisors, shares her experience and some good questions to consider when evaluating EAM performance.

Do you have actionable and meaningful KPIs that align with initiatives for your plant or corporation? The number of indicators used for each initiative should be limited by identifying key features or key factors. Only when we measure ourselves do we learn and ACT.

With the need for higher plant availability and improved bottom line results, useful measures can improve operational performance and drive good reliability-building behaviors. For example, maintenance can be split into two categories:

  • Effective maintenance is doing the right maintenance – which brings higher equipment reliability and lowers operational risks.
  • Efficient maintenance is doing the maintenance correctly so that reliability and risk reduction are achieved with the least resources and are on time.

Operating both effective and efficient maintenance at their peak levels will ensure the appropriate balance exists between price and reliability.

KPIs are powerful tools that can drive continuous improvement and the ensure the right behaviors exist to achieve the strategic objectives respective of asset reliability and availability. But which indicators do you link to which strategy to demonstrate overall improvement?

Do any of the following issues sound familiar?

  • Incorrect information (data gathering too complex, selected a lesser measure)
  • Too many indicators, data overload
  • No clear ownership of the data and aspects of the data
  • Improper time lag between gathering and publishing data
  • Objectives not transmitted in a downward cascade to show importance, no linkage
  • Data integrity (poor data entry, leads to poor indicators)
  • Improper use of data, (a harmful behavior change arises)
  • Fancy dashboards with no tangible way to use them

This is difficult territory to navigate. Come see us at our booth during The Reliability Conference this month in Las Vegas, booth #6. We can show you how to use your data and indicators that will deliver your organization’s strategies and objectives. We can demonstrate how to group indicators and measurements into a clear and meaningful framework that will create a balanced scorecard that supports your overall performance strategy.

The OE Advisors organization is a new partner to Cohesive Solutions, and together we deliver business value for all things EAM Performance Management.

Written by Melanie Zamora - OE Advisors

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