When Asset Intensive Organizations Need to Assess

Posted by Stephen Miller on August 28, 2018

Organizations in asset intensive industries face a substantial challenge maintaining and improving asset health.  Failure to manage assets can interrupt production, prevent growth, increase total cost of ownership, and even threaten people’s safety.

Whether it is focusing on developing maintenance strategies, improving work management, or implementing integrated activity planning, having the reliable information at the right time is paramount to planning.

Assessments help business and operational leaders understand their current state and provide actionable roadmaps for structured improvement.  They look at more than “did we do what we said we would do” but rather focus on “are we doing what we should be doing” while considering the organization’s unique challenges. 

If you find yourself asking these questions, maybe it is time to take a moment and consider an assessment.

  • Does our improvement plan match the organization’s ability?
  • What are our strengths and weaknesses, how can we leverage them?
  • Why does change take so long? Other organizations move faster than we do!
  • What do we need to do to be able to mature in a maintenance and operations?
  • Why can’t we increase our reliability?
  • What is the difference between being effective and efficient as an organization?
  • Have the changes we have made improved our efficiency? Will our next?
  • What will it take for our changes to be sustained?
  • Do all levels of our organization understand our direction? Can they relate to our changes?
  • Why can’t we change as fast as other companies?
  • What are our non-obvious weaknesses/gaps that are holding us back?
  • How do I increase adoption of new processes and technology?
  • What KPIs should I be focused on now, next year, 3 years from now?

When it comes to operating a business, the maintenance, operations, and procurement, all organizations are constantly putting plans together to improve their ability to forecast, plan, schedule, and ultimately execute the day-to-day.  But if they haven’t put the same forethought and effort into how they are going to improve as a cohesive whole, then how much can they honestly expect to grow?

In this webinar with Energy Central, I share current case studies, practical steps and dive into what the root causes are that are preventing organizations from achieving Enterprise Asset Management goals.


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Written by Stephen Miller

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