What's New in Maximo Updates to help you manage cost, time, and effectiveness.

Posted by Jack Clark on July 23, 2019


Over the past 12 months, IBM released two different updates to their Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Software, a comprehensive asset life cycle and maintenance management platform that optimizes your assets and business in 6 closely integrated modules of asset, work, service, contract, inventory, and procurement management.  

Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular updates: 

Hands Free Commands

Integrated with Watson IoT, Maximo now allows voice guided inspections to give the technician a faster and more efficient execution. Text to voice inspection will guide you through the inspection process hands free, and voice responses can then be recorded as text. 

Dynamic Job Plans 

Dynamic job plans in Maximo allow users to calculate resources needed per unit of work. Job Plans can now turn into work orders that accurately allocate all resources needed proportionally. Additionally, work orders created from Job Plans can be calculated in three different ways: Static (job plan quantity/duration applied directly to order), Proportional (multiplying units for a given work order/asset combination), and Level (select quantity/duration based on pre-defined thresholds – ex. Any work order over five miles in length requires two foreman). (View a quick tutorial of IBM Maximo Dynamic Job Plans here).

New Work Centers: Administration and Manage Inventory Work Centers 

New Administration Work Centers provide an application for administrators to complete tasks such as Service Requests, configuration, and data integration. The Manage Inventory Work Center allows inventory managers to manage item catalog, inventory reservations, and inventory in storerooms. This ensures your team has the items you need to manage your assets while also balancing costs. 

Work Center Configuration 

Top level elements of the Work Management and Work Execution Work Centers can be configured to the user roles. Examples of configurable elements are: name, display name of the Work Center, cards displayed in panels and tabs, and many field labels and attributes. To view all configurable elements and how to configure, click here 

Enhancements to Work Management 

New features in the Work Supervision Work Center include improvements to work order creation, planning work, and technician supervision. New features in the Work Execution Work Center include new reporting options, and the ability to scan QR/Bar codes to enter information faster and more accurately.  

These value-add enhancements come accessible to any organization currently on any version of Maximo 7.6. If your organization is considering a Maximo upgrade to 7.6, click here to determine which upgrade path best suits you. The trained and certified experts at Cohesive Solutions are happy to navigate through our Maximo upgrade options with you! 

To view the full details in the Maximo feature pack, click here 

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