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Posted by Dale Chirico on May 22, 2018

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During a recent implementation of Maximo Everyplace I encountered a recurring issue with Mobile Start Centers. In my research, I discovered an IBM Maximo Customization and Development blog from 2013 written by Mr. Bruno Portaluri that was very helpful to me. I thought it would be useful to share this along with some additional findings and comments that I added to the original blog.

As in 2013, this blog provides a helpful tip that I believe will help Maximo Administrators avoid frustration when creating and implementing Mobile Start Centers for multiple users.

The issue comes into play, after having created mobile versions of the Maximo apps, when the administrator must define a Start Center with the necessary portlets to access apps and result set records. Unfortunately, there is no way administratively to set this as a 'Mobile' Start Center, so each user must be given Start Center permissions and click on the Display Settings link (from the Standard Start Center equivalent), then select the Is Mobile check box for the specific Start Center.

This means that after having set up Maximo Everyplace an administrator must work directly with each mobile user or send an email with the instructions about how to set up their Mobile Start Center. The latter then poses its own set of problems with users either incorrectly following the instructions or not reading the email.

If the Mobile Start Center is not set up properly, there will be no Start Center at all when logging in on a mobile device such as; Androids, iPads or iPhones.

My tip is not to have the users do anything and “push” the Mobile Start Center setting them up automatically, which is what this Escalation/Action does.

From Mr. Portaluri’s recommendation, we have a simple Escalation and Action. This will automatically set the Is Mobile checkbox (to 1) for the designated Start Center (tied to a Security Group) for all the users in that group. This ends up being maintenance free because as new users are added to the Security Group(s) in play, the Escalation automatically sets the flag for them.

First, we need an Action to set the flag:

  • Action: SETMSC
  • Description: Set Mobile Start Center
  • Object: SCCONFIG
  • Type: Set Value
  • Attribute: ISMOBILE
  • Value: 1
  • Accessible From: ESCALATION

Then we define the Escalation to run the action:

  • Name: SETMSC
  • Description: Set Mobile Start Center
  • Condition: groupname in ('[EVGROUP]') and ismobile=0
  • Schedule: hourly (or a schedule of your desire)
  • Create Successful Execution Entry?: No
  • Escalation point: Empty (create Escalation Point 1, but leave it blank)
  • Action: SETMSC

The [EVGROUP] should match the name of your Security Group(s) with the Mobile Start Center assigned. My additional note here is to be sure to remove the square brackets when inserting the Security Group name.

This is a screenshot of the Escalations application in Maximo V7.6 with the newly created Escalation and Action.

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