This IBM Business Partner is Celebrating 20 Years in Business, and it All Started with a Napkin

Posted by Cohesive Solutions on December 18, 2018


In the executive conference room of Cohesive Solutions’ Kennesaw, GA headquarters, you will find a cocktail napkin with a few ink scribbles framed on the wall; an unusual choice of décor for the IBM business partner and systems integrator. However, with a closer look, you will discover four names written on the napkin: George Lowry, Lance Morris, Scott MacMillan, and Alex Szaro; the names of the four business partners who formed Cohesive Solutions.

“We were all sitting at a local establishment in Ohio after a long day of working on a nuclear work management project,” Explains Lowry, president and co-founder of Cohesive Solutions, which integrates and implements Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Performance Management systems for their clients. The four met while implementing a new work management system at a nuclear plant in New York. “After knowing each other for a little over four years, we knew that our individual expertise was distinct when put to work as a combined team. Between us, we hold the technical knowledge, leadership and business understanding that clients need to transform their organization. Our asset and work management skills allow us to exceed client’s expectations.  Our careers led us to maintain an impressive collection of experience across multiple industries,” explained MacMillan.

The four co-founding members signed their names on the cocktail napkin and incorporated Cohesive Solutions shortly thereafter.  Lowry notes on why the partners founded the company and what they offered to the industry, "We had had four years of validation that together, we offered the industry something unique. We were the first to recognize and fill the void between the needs of the industry and generic off the shelf solutions for asset management. Vertical industry solutions from the software vendors didn’t exist at that time. So, we developed our own based upon industry best practices.  We were, and still are, the bridge between the business and technology."

“At first, we were just four guys huddled around a kitchen table,” explains Morris. “We would bid on a project, and all fly out to the client site every Monday morning. We had the manpower to take on one, maybe two customers at a time. At that time, most of our work centered around asset management for electric utilities. And here we are now, tackling some of the nation’s most asset intensive challenges.”

In the following years, the team saw growth not only in their employee base but also in their clientele. After being pursued by MRO software for their deep utilities experience, particularly in nuclear power, the group partnered with MRO in 2004. Following the acquisition of MRO by IBM, Cohesive soon became an IBM business partner. By 2007 Cohesive had grown their employee base enough to settle into their first office space in Kennesaw, Georgia. And by 2010, they had completed Maximo implementations for some of the largest Utility, and Oil and Gas brands.

Over the past ten years, Cohesive Solutions has seen growth in their organization, now working with a team of subject matter experts and practice leads in the various industries which they serve. The team also added a Performance Management solution, Propel to their resume. Propel provides robust capabilities to help align people, process and objectives. Clients have improved their existing implementation of Maximo and other Asset Management systems with the Propel solution.

"The experience that our people bring to the table is what makes our teams so powerful,” explains Lowry, “we have leaders who have; been there and done that. They have experienced the pain points and challenges working in early careers in the industries we serve and are now offering lessons learned and delivering proven world-class industry best practice solutions. That is invaluable.”

Cohesive Solutions was recognized as IBM Maximo’s #1 Reseller in the U.S. three times, has achieved IBM’s Watson IoT Partnering Excellence Award, and currently holds the highest number of certified Maximo consultants among IBM Business partners. Cohesive’s clients benefit from partnerships with world-class technology and industry leaders that provide modern, cost-effective solutions. These partners include: IBM, ProjeTech, Datasplice, and ESRI, to name a few.

The organization is celebrating 20 years of business in 2018. “This milestone reflects the hard work and dedication of our team and aligning the goals of our company with those of our customers. This, over the years, has proven to be a winning formula,” says Lowry.


Written by Cohesive Solutions

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