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Posted by Dianne DePuy on August 23, 2018

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The United States has used nuclear power for more than 60 years to produce reliable, low-carbon energy and to support national defense activities. Nuclear power offers a unique combination of attributes that are especially suited to improving our nation's energy infrastructure.

The Nuclear Promise: Companies that operate America’s nuclear energy facilities have partnered on a multiyear strategy to transform the industry and ensure its viability for consumers as well as its essential role in protecting the environment.

This strategic plan, called Delivering the Nuclear Promise®, strengthens the industry’s commitment to excellence in safety and reliability, assures future viability through efficiency improvements, and drives regulatory and market changes so that nuclear energy facilities are fully recognized for their value. In 2018, the initiative will transition to focus on implementing the most significant savings opportunities in the most efficient manner possible. [Source: nei.org]

IBM Maximo for Nuclear

For existing plants, Maximo offers a single platform for managing all asset types. It supports industry-specific requirements by modeling nuclear objects and business processes.

With modern technologies including the generation III plants which are starting-or-have already been built, and generation IV plants on the drawing board, the industry is advancing on making the nuclear energy safer and more efficient. Maintaining the assets that keep the plant running safely requires the right tools and processes.

Maximo provides all the right tools

  • Manages all stages of the asset life cycle including purchasing, acquisition, inventory control, configuration, work management, preventive maintenance, and corrective action
  • Addresses the specialized needs of the nuclear power industry by providing dedicated applications to support the management of tech specs, surveillance requirements, calibration, and procurement engineering
  • Allows organizations to develop standardized job plans, impact plans, lineups, permits, and clearances for critical and recurring work activities
  • Provides advanced scheduling and sequencing capabilities for the management of preventive maintenance programs
  • Promotes nuclear safety using impact plans, lineups, permits, clearances, and corrective action programs
  • Delivers ready-to-use and configurable report content that is based on nuclear KPIs
  • Offers an easy-to-use user interface to facilitate rapid execution of work management tasks by personnel
  • Supports best-practice business processes defined in the Standard Nuclear Performance Model by providing ready-to-use and configurable workflow content

From old to new - Overcoming the Challenge of Change

We understand that moving to IBM Maximo from an older system may presents unique challenges. Many of the legacy systems only have one equipment database or Master Equipment List (MEL). Several years and versions ago, Maximo separated the equipment database into an Operation Location which represents the design requirements and an asset which represents the manufacturer/model of equipment installed in the operating location to satisfy the plant design. We help organizations overcome the challenges of conversion, especially with regards to engineered spare parts which involve both design and manufacturer/model specificity.

Get to know Cohesive's Nuclear experts

Another challenge we see is that the legacy systems lack the rich functionality currently supported by Maximo for Power Generation. Typically, separate systems were used to manage regulatory due dates, corrective actions, Operations Management (clearance, lineups, operator rounds, LCO, etc.), Procurement Engineering, Configuration Management, and more. Today, Maximo provides the opportunity to consolidate all these disparate systems into a single platform where users have access to all the data needed to evaluate and perform their jobs and eliminate costly and problematic interfaces. Our industry experts work with your team to overcome these challenges by using industry best practices to define the processes and convert the data, as the project becomes more complex than simply replacing the maintenance system. 

Considering an update? Reach out to us to learn more about our experience and how we can help your organization transition from older systems to current solutions.

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