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Cohesive Solutions announces a new integration of Propel and IBM Maximo’s Work Centers. Propel enables organizations to visualize and manage performance so they can reduce risk, manage outcomes, and achieve operational excellence. Work Centers provide smart easy to use features such as; approving, assigning, monitoring and closing work. Now Maximo users have the option to access Propel via Maximo Work Centers. A Propel user’s home dashboard can be rendered as its own unique Maximo Work Center, and individual Propel components or views can be embedded in other Maximo Work Centers. This is a great convenience for day to day Maximo users as it does not require separate URLs or log-in credentials.

"Maximo customers want to use the data they are collecting in Maximo (and other systems) to monitor, manage and improve their outcomes – Reliability, Availability, Efficiency, Value, etc. – as well as their processes. Maximo’s new Work Centers provide a role-centric intuitive method to execute their processes, such as Work Planning and Scheduling, or Work Execution. And now with Propel embedded in the same technology, those same roles can also measure and visualize the outcome of those processes, such as improvements in labor utilization or customer service, from the same user experience," said Anthony Honaker, Vice President of Product Strategy and Development at Cohesive Solutions.

Earlier this year Cohesive Solutions announced new Propel Performance Management solution enhancements. In April, Cohesive launched solutions for measuring operational performance leveraging the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). In conjunction with IBM Maximo or any other Enterprise Asset Management system, Propel can broaden the ecosystem of key business processes under measurement for organizations seeking to continuously improve their operations.

Cohesive Solutions continues to push the boundaries of managing operational excellence. Cohesive Solutions’ consultancy practice is dedicated to overlaying practices of Operational Excellence, TQM and Lean Six Sigma.

“There will never be a version ‘dot done’. Just like our customers, who strive to continuously improve their operations and the resulting business performance, we have made improvements over the last few years to Propel to meet industry challenges such as sourcing trustworthy information, aligning business processes and objective driven KPIs, and fostering a culture of performance”, said George Lowry CEO and President of Cohesive Solutions in a recent interview at the BTOES conference.

About Cohesive Solutions, Inc. 
Cohesive Solutions, Inc., is a specialist in Enterprise Asset Management and Performance Management. As a certified IBM Maximo Business Partner, we provide systems integration and transformation services that enable organizations to achieve breakthrough results in their asset management programs. Cohesive also delivers a unique Enterprise Performance Management solution that unlocks an organization’s hidden potential, so they can achieve and sustain the long-term objectives that they seek in reliability, regulatory compliance, and organizational performance and profitability.

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