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KENNESAW, GA - Cohesive Solutions, a premier IBM business partner, is now offering enterprise asset management assessment services for organizations dependent upon asset reliability and regulatory compliance. This new service evaluates the people and process aspects of asset, work, and supply chain management, along with the associated product use, and technical solutions for external systems integration to IoT, analytics, and finance and accounting systems.

“Assessments help business, and operational leaders understand their current state and provide actionable roadmaps for structured improvement.  They look at more than “did we do what we said we would do” but rather focus on “are we doing what we should be doing” while considering the organization’s unique challenges,” said Stephen Miller, Senior Business Process Consultant at Cohesive Solutions.

The output of the Assessment provides a maturity ranking and recommendations for both business processes and systems. Our team will uncover root causes to the issues preventing organizations from achieving EAM goals and develop an improvement road-map which fits each unique organization.

Cohesive Solutions’ team of experts holds years of extensive experience in multiple industries, allowing them to understand and address industry-specific business processes and strategies. To share more detail about their offering, the company recently held a case study focused webinar with Energy Central titled: Maximizing Your Enterprise Asset Management with a Strategic Roadmap.

Assessments are one of many asset management and business process service offerings from Cohesive Solutions, along with MOC strategies and solutions, Supply Chain Management, GIS/Spatial, and more.

About Cohesive Solutions, Inc.

Cohesive Solutions, Inc., is a specialist in Enterprise Asset Management and Performance Management. As a certified IBM Maximo Business Partner, we provide systems integration and transformation services that enable organizations to achieve breakthrough results in their asset management programs. Cohesive also delivers a unique Enterprise Performance Management solution that unlocks an organization’s hidden potential, so they can achieve and sustain the long-term objectives that they seek in reliability, regulatory compliance, and organizational performance and profitability.

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