My Oil Light is On: Reliability Centered Maintenance for Maximo

Posted by Matt Logsdon on August 16, 2017


You may agree that your car plays a pretty important role in your life. We often take our vehicles for granted and assume they will work for us as we carry out our day-to-day activities.

For them to perform at the most reliable level possible, they are equipped with indicators which mitigate the car’s risk of failure; such as a low oil pressure light. When the light comes on it is time to investigate why.

We can choose to ignore the light which will likely lead to an eventual engine failure. Failure to comply with a maintenance alert will lead to functional failure, or a ‘Problem’ in Maximo terms. Most cars today have built in condition monitoring, alerting us when remedies are needed such as: change oil, tire pressure, etc. These keep our cars functioning and reliable.

What would happen if these indicators went away? Or if your car did not have foundational knowledge to correlate the level by which these maintenance alerts should occur, and the result of them not being maintained properly, giving you a foundation to manage problems before they cause functional failure. You risk consequences such as a damaged engine, resulting in unreliable, unsafe, and costly outcomes.

Another way to think about this concept of managing problems of critical assets, like your car, is Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), an approach used by asset intensive industries. Cohesive Solutions’ Maximo RCM extension gives users the tools within Maximo to take all necessary steps in making certain that your most critical assets will continue to perform and provide the intend service for your organization. It allows users to manage problems and failure modes before they become functional failure, by providing framework and strategy to your existing Maximo system.

Our RCM Extension for Maximo does this by:

  • Identifying what equipment is important and why
  • Identifying how equipment fails and the resulting consequences
  • Identifying what will be done to prevent or mitigate the risk of failure
  • Demonstrating how to capture and systematically obtain feedback on the effectiveness of those actions

Which Results in:

  • Upsurge in equipment uptime
  • Greater understanding of the level of risk the organization is managing
  • Increase in cost effectiveness and optimization of PMs
  • Alignment between Maintenance, Engineering, and Operations
  • Increases value associated with your EAM/CMMs system

 Cohesive Solutions, the number one reseller of Maximo in the U.S., specializes in using Maximo as a framework for RCM initiatives.

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Written by Matt Logsdon

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