Mock Your Way to a Healthy Maximo Upgrade

Posted by Ross Poole on April 12, 2017
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A Maximo upgrade project is often time-consuming and expensive. One critical lynch pin in the entire process is simple imitation.
There are several reasons that clients decide to upgrade to a current version of Maximo. The most common reason is related to version support from IBM. Other clients have universal IT projects running in parallel and want to take the opportunity to upgrade Maximo at the same time to minimize impact on the overall business. Others are looking to take advantage of new functionality in the latest version of Maximo. Ultimately I think that long term stability, upgradeability and supportability are the truest reasons that businesses decide to upgrade.
In my experience the most critical aspect of the upgrade is to minimize the impact on the business (as much as possible) both in terms of downtime and seamless functionality. It is important to prepare by running a series of ‘mock’ upgrades. This always helps us uncover issues, record timings, coordinate communications to the users. Mock runs involve as many of the team players as possible, and I usually will do a minimum of two and in some cases up to four mock run throughs. Once we see that the process is smooth and seamless, we commit to a go-live.
The second most critical factor involved is change management.  This role is significant in ensuring that the end user accepts the new system successfully. They are the conduit for all the training and communication to the user base, so it is imperative they are thorough.
Stay tuned for more upgrade tips and first hand experiences in our upcoming blogs.
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Disclaimer: This article is intended to be a resource only and is not intended to be nor does it constitute legal product advisement. Any recommendations are based on our direct experience in this environment during the time in which this was posted.

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