Meet Akeafa Momen: Cohesive Co-Op from Georgia Tech

Posted by Akeafa Momen on May 18, 2017

Co-Ops at Cohesive Solutions are an integral part of our company culture. In 2015 Cohesive developed a co-op program where we partnered with 2 local universities: Kennesaw State and Georgia Tech, to engage with their career centers. As part of our regular blog we will be sharing a co-op story. This month we are featuring Akeafa Momen, who joined Cohesive Solutions as a co-op from Georgia Tech.


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Q: What prompted your interest in Cohesive Solutions as a Co-Op?

A: When I first started looking at internships and co-ops, I was looking to take a break from academics and obtain some sort of professional experience. I was thinking about pursuing a minor in computer science when I participated in a virtual career fair the summer of 2015. The conversation with Karen Kanuch and Sean Clark-McCarthy quickly convinced me to apply.


Q: What did the process look like from interest to securing Cohesive Solutions as your Co-Op of choice?

A: After applying, I was convinced that I wouldn’t receive a response because of my minimal background knowledge of software development. However, my interest in working at Cohesive skyrocketed after a phone interview with Karen. I remember asking what the work environment was like, and she told me that Cohesive is like a family: no matter what, everyone is willing to help each other grow. This was confirmed during the in-person interviews when it was made clear that everyone had a chance to try something new regardless of background experience, whether it was creating solution mock-ups as a technical analyst, helping design training materials for change management, or even helping develop for Propel.


Q: How long have you been a Co-Op at Cohesive Solutions?

A: I have been a co-op at Cohesive Solutions since fall 2015. I have been alternating between work and school semesters, but I will complete a fourth semester by the end of this summer. For these last three semesters, I have been working on the Propel team.


Q: What was your first day/week like at Cohesive?

A: I was on the Maximo side of the company my first semester. I believe I was introduced to most of the consultants who were in the office that first day before spending the rest of the week learning about company culture, Momentum Methodology, and Maximo as an end-user.


Q: What does a typical day look like for you?

A: On the Propel team, a typical day starts with a short meeting at 10 am to discuss everyone’s progress and potential road-blocks. I am currently working on developing a data migration toolkit for Propel, feature that will help move configurations between different Propel instances. I spent most of my last semester working on that project in addition to some client-facing activities, including data modeling and some documentation.


Q: What are your primary roles and responsibilities and how have those changed over the course of your Co-Op career?

A: On the Maximo side, my main responsibilities included understanding Maximo as an end-user, helping proofread the MX7 training manual, and researching and documenting the capabilities of Maximo Anywhere. On the Propel side, I am currently helping develop a data migration toolkit with the intention of making it easier to install vanilla configurations 


Q: What do you enjoy about the Cohesive culture and work environment?

A: The first thing that really encouraged me to try to obtain this co-op was not only the exposure to software development but also because of the nurturing work environment. Sometimes it amazes me that so many people here are so willing to take time out of their day to help you learn something new or answer five million questions about your project. Here on the Propel team, everyone has spent some time helping me understand some aspect of Propel.


Q: How has Cohesive helped you grow professionally and personally throughout your Co-Op career?

A: The Cohesive community has helped me learn how to present myself and my work in a much more confident manner. As a shy person with a tendency to mumble, this lesson has been invaluable to me and has helped me appear assured and capable in both a professional and a personal sense.


Q: What is your favorite part about being a part of the Cohesive team?

A: As simple as this seems, I truly appreciate listening to and watching people diagnose a difficult technical problem and create an elegant solution. This has helped me understand product design and learn how to break complicated problems down in easily manageable issues.


Q: Why would you recommend Cohesive Solutions to someone seeking a Co-Op?

A: Based on my time here, everyone at Cohesive Solutions will help tailor your co-op into a professional experience that benefits you the most. You have the opportunity to explore different arenas, both business and technical, and gain a well-rounded sense of how Cohesive works. All you have to do is ask! The experience helped me understand how to set realistic professional goals and develop the tools necessary to reach them.


Akeafa is a hard worker and a great asset to the Cohesive team and family. If you or someone you know may be interested in Cohesive Solutions as a part of the co-op program, visit our Student Careers Page.


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