Insurance for Success: Your Post Implementation Maximo Support Options

Posted by Karen Kanuch on March 14, 2019

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Recent U.S. based surveys have shared that manufacturing companies are committing $907 billion per year toward greater connectivity and smarter factories. Enterprise asset management systems, security solutions, automation tools and all the processes that go along with those billions will be impacted.

This push toward greater connectivity is happening when we are experiencing a decline of skilled workers. Only 20% of organizations rated themselves as prepared for the ‘forth industrial revolution’.

This picture sure seems bleak. However, many operational leaders are taking steps to ensure their operation’s success and taking advantage of programs ahead of the upcoming demands brought on by evolution.

Often, leaders ask these questions to balance the highs and lows of change:

  • Are we overconfident in any aspect of our manual operations?
  • Could we improve any small measurement today?
  • Are we facing any impacts from employee turnover?

Companies are looking to get the best performance, drive the best revenue and generate the most profit out of their existing assets. Being able to predict failure and fix it before it happens is undoubtedly the ideal goal to improve operations. Companies don’t want to expand their asset infrastructure if they do not have to; they want to optimize what they have in place.

Cohesive Solutions is helping companies meet the needs necessary to face the digital transformation. Cohesive provides support system services that connect you instantly to highly knowledgeable individuals who can help your EAM systems, further optimizing your assets and helping you reach operational excellence. With our support systems, Cohesive will help you stay on top of your operations and take the best action for success.

Through Cohesive’s FIRSTCall and Phone-a-Friend, companies can talk to experts who will help guide your company toward operational excellence. The Cohesive Solutions technical support team is composed of individuals that are familiar with the ins and outs of the industries, and the technology surrounding the use of Maximo. This includes processes, roles, and responsibilities tied to the solution. With this knowledge, we can troubleshoot most problems that users experience. We provide this support over the phone, through email, or with an online-chat interface.

The companies that benefit from a FIRSTCALL or Phone-a-Friend support system are:

  • If your team is growing or there is a percentage of staff retiring soon.
  • You are upgrading or expanding your EAM technology needs.
  • You wish to build efficiencies into your processes (i.e. work flow, system communications).

We deliver the details that can help you leverage your system’s capabilities to support your business goals better. Learn how our innovative solutions and services will help your organization optimize your asset investments and unlock the hidden potential within your business.

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Stat Source: 2019 Industrial MFG Outlook Deloitte

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Written by Karen Kanuch

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