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Posted by George Lowry on April 18, 2018

Maximo for Supply chain Ibm Maximo Supply chain

Supply Chain impacts most organizations throughout the business, as they are dependent upon the integration of Supply Chain into their respective processes. Asset management depends upon Supply Chain to deliver and maintain an adequate number of critical spare parts and deliver materials and services to the right location at the right time. The business processes are complex and require a rich understanding of each step-in demand fulfillment to support sourcing across the enterprise.

For an implementation of Maximo for Supply Chain to be effective, you will want to engage a variety of practitioners who can guide you through processes AND technology. First, let’s look at what business challenges can be resolved by Maximo for Supply Chain:

  • Vendor collaboration for sourcing, contracting, PO and invoice
  • Disparate business processes generating interruptions instead of continuity
  • Outdated technology that is non-compliant
  • Flexibility to redefine business processes per evolving needs
  • Multiple sources of reporting that lack a consolidated view
  • Limited process automation ability
  • Audit management
  • Duplicate master data

Supply Chain requires the ability to see demand as well as the impact of dynamics of demand, so they can source materials and services by priority. What does an integrated Supply Chain offer your organization? The benefits of Supply Chain managed in Maximo are:

  • Optimized demand management
  • Accurate data
  • Streamlined processes for demand management, ordering and expediting
  • Greater visibility into changing dynamics associated with demand
  • More accurate inventory management
  • Fewer and more simplified integrations with external systems
  • Easy reporting and communication

Maximo's Supply Chain management capabilities offer organizations the ability to streamline, simplify, and optimize. Using Maximo will enhance operations while eliminating the need for swivel chair activities, reducing costly integration with external systems, and improving data quality.  The combined benefits result in operational improvements in the profit centers of the enterprise where asset availability and reliability are paramount in achieving business objectives.

EOS for Maximo 7.5 is happening at the end of April 2018. Is your organization ready? You can be. Reach success with Cohesive’s comprehensive focus on your processes and technologies in Maximo.

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