5 Reasons to use IBM Maximo for Supply Chain

Posted by Cohesive Solutions on June 2, 2021


Supply chain plays an important role in the maintenance world. Supply chain encompasses everything from procurement of an asset to receiving and storing the assets used to run operations. 

With a comprehensive solution for supply chain, work, and asset management, organizations experience a more streamlined workflow process for their asset, resulting in time savings, increased accuracy, and increased visibility within the maintenance program. 

IBM Maximo enables maintenance organizations to utilize one system for end-to-end asset lifecycle management, including the supply chain process, which helps organizations:

  • Increase visibility by managing inventory across storerooms and sites 
  • Eliminate costs off-contract buying
  • Improve monitoring of vendor performance
  • Fully manage recipients, inspections, and vendor payments

5 Reasons to use IBM Maximo for Supply Chain

1. Standardization

Maximo provides the foundation for a streamlined and standardized supply chain management system across the entire supply chain organization, not just the maintenance department. Throughout the organization, the process remains consistent across different storerooms, sites, and departments reducing error, confusion, and costly mistakes.

2. Streamlined Processes and Workflows

Maximo for Supply Chain Management helps the organization create proper business processes around Supply Chain and add automation to them, increasing efficiency of the process and collecting documentation along the way. Integrated Supply Chain Management within Maximo also helps solve the problem of multiple, desperate systems and processes that require integration.

3. Increased Visibility and Optimization of Inventory

Integrated Supply Chain Management leads to greater visibility and accuracy with storeroom inventory, and leverages soft and hard reservations based on planned work. Maximo can track and manage when stock items are needed, on order and received. Maximo also provides visibility into items being checked in or out of inventory across multiple sites.

4. Cost Savings

Leveraging Maximo Supply Chain contract functionality, negotiated pricing is used and prevents the need to use off contract buying.  Usage by storeroom, site, and vendor can be analyzed to make solid sourcing choices and negotiate pricing for future buys to include the cost saving potential.

5. Data Accuracy

With an integrated supply chain management inside of Maximo, there are less systems integrated together to supply an end to end solution for work and asset management. This means there is less room for error upon data entry. 

Our team helps you utilize Maximo in a way that adds the greatest impact to your organization. We will work to understand how your supply chain works now, and how to improve business processes while utilizing IBM Maximo to increase visibility and streamline operations. 

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