What's New in Maximo's Feature Pack

Posted by Matt Logsdon on July 15, 2021

Maximo v7.6.1.2 was released by IBM on July 24, 2020 and brings new functionality to the user community of the world class asset management solution. IBM continues to take notes from their user community to enhance the solution to best fit the needs of their maintenance program, enabling them to continuously optimize and improve the reliability of their assets and decrease maintenance costs.


The updates in Maximo are broken up into:


  • Currency updates
  • Technical Enhancements
  • Functional Enhancements
  • Push notifications

Here is the top new functionality in Maximo's feature pack:


1. Multiple Attachments in Maximo

You can now attach multiple files simultaneously.


2. Update Drilldown Capability in Maximo

The Drilldown navigation has a refreshed look and feel and provides greater access to more related data and actions. You can now drilldown to PM’s, Job Plans, and Spare Parts, view details on related records, and Drag and Drop to move assets or locations.


3. New Inventory and Storeroom Updates in Maximo

Users can now create storeroom hierarchies, add items to multiple storerooms, and set a default reorder storeroom. There are also additional details which can now be specified when adding to storeroom.


Picking & Staging

In the Inventory Work Centers users have the new functionality of “Pick & Stage” This gives the options of:

  • Open: Reservations waiting to be processes
  • Picked: Removed from the shelf but not yet staged or issued
  • Staged: Physically moved to staging area in anticipation of issue
  • Issued: Removed from inventory, financial transaction written
  • Review: History of what happened

Reconciliation Preview

Inventory Work Centers now give users the ability to reconcile physical counts under the “Reconcile” tab. This provides enables users to review reconcile before executing the reconcile process and is a visual indicator of proposed changes to easily identify problem areas needing further investigation.


Barcode Scanning

Barcode scanning is now available wherever the user is selecting bin or item. The camera opens in video mode and snaps the picture once it is in focus. An audible beep will sound indicating success.


Condition-Enabled Items

Lastly, updates to the Inventory Work Centers help users better manage Condition Enabled Items by supporting setting condition enables items, managing condition codes for the item or set, and using smart controls when saving to keep data accurate.


4. Updated Browser Support for Maximo

Maximo will now be supported in Microsoft Edge Chromium.


5. Data import from IBM Digital Twin Exchange in Maximo

This latest release of Maximo now supports an import capability allowing data from IBM’s Digital Twin Exchange to be brought into Maximo.


6. Cognos Entitlement in Maximo

Maximo users now have access to Cognos v11.0.13 which provides additional reporting and analytic capability.


7. Push Notifications in maximo

Users can subscribe to events within Maximo Asset Management and will receive an automatic push notification to their supported iOS or Android mobile device when an event or data change occurs. Use the new Push Notification Administration Application to configure this setting on your mobile device.

8. IoT Connectivity in Maximo

In Maximo, an IoT connector was added into the administration work center. This helps increase connectivity within IoT platforms. After configuration, this allows you to associate an IoT device with a specific asset or location. 

This product includes content to support

  • IBM Watson IoT
  • IBM Watson Asset Monitor
  • AT&T Asset Management - Operations Center

And other IoT platforms can be added if needed.

9. Regulatory Compliance in Maximo

Maximo users can now add electronic signature keys to their profiles. When an electronic signature verification is required in an application, the user can enter their electronic signature key - if they don’t the record will not be saved. This is native to Maximo, and therefore can be used with more protocols such as SAML or OIDC.

10. Work Supervision and Work Execution Work Centers in Maximo

The following enhancements were made to Work Supervision and Work Execution Work Centers to streamline the work management process and improve efficiency for supervisors and technicians:

  • More signature options within Work Centers
  • Populating description field with IDs when no description is specified
  • Inspection launch from “Details” page of work order
  • Classification title added to “Details” page to classify work orders


To learn more about Maximo release and install, visit IBM's resource page here.


Access the on demand webinar, demonstrating:

"What's New in Maximo"

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Written by Matt Logsdon

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