How a Yahoo Maximo Forum Turned into an 11-Year Partnership

Posted by Jordan Lowry | Marketing Intern on October 28, 2016


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Sometimes the simple things in life and business can be overlooked. These things could have a profound impact on our future. A great example of this is the relationship that Cohesive Solutions, Inc. enjoys with Florida Municipal Power Agency (FMPA). This eleven-year relationship was spawned out of a simple Yahoo forum posting that Cohesive Solutions’ president George Lowry responded to.


“That simple forum response back when we were a five-man company, resulted in the recovery of a floundering Maximo implementation at FMPA being conducted by another IBM Maximo implementer.”, says George Lowry, Cohesive CEO and Founder. The forum posting was an inquiry to those experienced with the integration of Maximo with external systems. The simple response served as a starting point for the relationship, which resulted in a introductory face to face meeting.


Cohesive is known for challenging the organizations they work with in the best way possible, for without challenge, there is no growth. Lowry says, “during our initial meeting, for every question FMPA asked, I asked three more thought provoking questions in response." It was through this exchange that FMPA recognized Cohesive Solutions’ knowledge and experience with enterprise asset management in the electric utilities space.


In short order, following the initial meeting, Cohesive and FMPA began work that defined the business processes that would enable FMPA to conduct their enterprise asset management program using industry best practices and using Maximo for asset, work, and supply chain management. Following process development, Cohesive architected FMPA’s streamlined Maximo system configuration that included a full bi-directional integration of Maximo with FMPA’s financial systems to enable the collection of financial data and the processing of approved invoices ready for cash disbursement.


Ultimately, our success factor was measured by how smooth and lean FMPA’s EAM related operations are conducted and to ensure that FMPA would be self-sustaining going forward.   Maximo has worked so well for FMPA that today, they lead the pack by leveraging new Maximo capabilities found in the latest software releases. It’s no coincidence that FMPA was the first customer to upgrade to Maximo 7.6.


Matt Logsdon, Vice President at Cohesive Solutions, says, “Customer retention comes down to business value, consistency, and the overall experience.” Like many other customers, FMPA still reaches out periodically for upgrades, report writing, and software license maintenance support through our FirstCall service. We are privileged to enjoy these long-standing relationships and continue to look forward to aiding customers achieve greater business value in their IBM Maximo investments.

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