Handy Tip: Using the Bookmark Feature in IBM Maximo

Posted by Norma Ramey on September 10, 2019


I started putting my thoughts together for this blog and began to consider how the traditional uses and physical concept of a bookmark might have fallen by the wayside.  The electronic nature of reading material has pushed a bookmark out of mind as a helpful tool.  Then again, I’m probably the exception and stuck with one foot in old school order and logic.  Looking at my desk, I have my handy O’Reilly SQL reference book, BIRT Field Guide, Extending BIRT, and even my planner. All with colorful tabs and notes sticking out as bookmarks.  And when I’m working in Maximo, the electronic Bookmark feature is a most helpful tool.

As with most features in Maximo if you master the use in one application, you have mastered the use for all applications.  For my examples, I’m in a Maximo demo version in the Assets application.  The Bookmark feature when you enter the application and display records in the list view is the small ribbon icon displayed in the last column of a row record.


This icon adds data to a record list tied to your username.  Your list of Bookmarks can then be managed by adding and deleting records. Your Bookmark list is managed by the ribbon icon at the top of the List view in the application. I’ve added some Assets to my Bookmark list.  There are multiple access points to my Bookmarked records.


  1. Clicking on the Bookmark ribbon displays your list of Bookmarks. Clicking on a record is a hyperlink to the direct display of record detail.
  2. Clicking on All Bookmarks displays the Bookmark records in the list view of the application


Now that basic navigation has been defined, what are some practical examples?

 As a report developer, I come into Maximo looking for records that represent certain features of an application.  If I’m developing a report for Work Order Tracking application, I will have at least five different Work Order records Bookmarked.  One Work Order has long description entries on the Job Plan Tasks, and another has Safety Plan Lock Out/Tag Out information to present in a report. Bookmark acts as a shortcut to the record I need quickly for testing.

I had the opportunity to provide a reporting solution to help manage a transformer disposal yard for a power company.  We used Bookmarks as part of the solution for the asset transformer.  The disposal yard acted like a repair facility in that the site of the asset and the site of the Work Order can be different. The disposal yard was further divided into different locations for the transformers.

  • Decommissioned equipment that were not required as critical spares or a low likelihood of the asset being used in the future
  • Equipment with potentially hazardous materials—not leaking
  • Leaking dangerous materials and disposal documentation required by the party receiving the disposal

Transformers could also be moved between these three areas before being sent for final disposal. Transport of transformers to a final disposal area occurred by 18-wheel flatbed trucks. Operators oversaw all the movement needed a quick physical list to carry into the yard. Bookmarked assets provided that list.


For a list of Bookmarks with Asset/Description display the My Bookmarks dialog and click the download icon.




Or at the List view for the Asset application I selected All Bookmarks then used the download icon for a more comprehensive list.



The operators could use this list to make notes and mark if the asset made it to the truck.  Four assets marked to go out on a flatbed for disposal and one doesn’t make the truck because a leak is discovered.  This one needs a different set of requirements and additional paperwork. They would complete loading the truck, then go back to the yard office to mark and remove the Bookmarked assets making it into the truck. At this point, they would print additional documents for the driver to take possession of the assets.

This example was several years ago, and I know new technology is available in Maximo. i.e., handheld units to carry through the yard where an electronic signature can occur. But there would still be a need for a Bookmark for quick access to the asset record.

While a small feature of Maximo, the Bookmark has many different uses and one I hope you will explore for even more possibilities. How do you use Maximo Bookmarks? Let me know in the comments below.

If you need more helpful Maximo tips, consider following the Cohesive blog.



Written by Norma Ramey

Maximo BIRT Report Specialist
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