Employee Spotlight: Rebecca Collier discusses Why Management of Change is critical for asset intensive organizations

Posted by Rebecca Collier on September 26, 2018

Recently we announced our Maximo MOC solution that enables clients to maintain safe and regulatory compliant operations. We will be holding a virtual demonstration of this solution on September 28th, hosted by Rebecca Collier. Focusing on Rebecca’s Change Management and MOC knowledge, she is this month’s employee spotlight.

Rebecca is a skilled EAM consultant and project team member focused on utilizing formal project and change management methods. She has ten years as a Maximo project manager, change management lead, implementation team lead/member, and primary product trainer. Rebecca focuses on implementing IBM’s Maximo Asset Configuration Management (ACM) industry “add-on” applications.

You have been working with IBM Maximo for just over 10 years, any dramatic change in client use of Maximo over the course of that time?                                                                                                              With a few exceptions, I think clients are using more of the applications in Maximo than they did 10 years ago. They aren't just using Maximo for Work Management, they are starting to use the Asset Management capabilities such as optimal planning, control, audits and compliance management as well. It is great to see them getting more for their investment!

Are MOC regulations getting tighter?                                                                                                                     I have not witnessed regulations getting tougher, but organizations are embracing that managing their changes and fully documenting the process is beneficial to their bottom line in both costs and resource safety.

You have provided Change Management guidance to customers; do you see similarities between Change Management and MOC?                                                                                                                                        Most individuals don't realize that there is a common thread, training. A critical element to Change Management is the ability to participate in the change, for example a new process involving software. Likewise, for MOC, a new process involving software would require training resources on the process and the software. I see a strong common thread for the team member.

In looking at the risks involved when a company makes changes in their facilities, documentation, personnel, or operations - Is there an area that organizations are more vulnerable?                              Quality information/data is becoming more and more critical. Regulators are requesting high quality information and that it be readily available at all times for review. These information demands have impacted the way technical employees complete work. If the gathering and recording of documentation is implemented properly it will have a positive effect on the management of assets and the reduction of incidents. This must tie to communicating the changes in documentation to build awareness for the change.

A well-built MOC process is vital for loss prevention, and not just for the hazardous trades. The process applies to any organization that needs to circumvent future losses resulting from changes. MOC does not have to be daunting or overly complicated.

Learn more, view this MOC Demonstration.


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Written by Rebecca Collier

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