Employee Spotlight: Jim Sawyer discusses supply chain challenges

Posted by Jim Sawyer on July 31, 2019


This month’s employee spotlight shines on Jim Sawyer. He is a Senior Consultant and Business Analyst at Cohesive Solutions. He is an IBM Maximo Certified Asset Management Functional Analyst and Deployment Professional. Jim has over 19 years EAM Implementation and Project Management experience and 33 years Manufacturing, Utilities Operations and Maintenance experience. Jim often helps our clients through Supply Chain Workshops. In a workshop, he helps to reassess their processes for functions, such as; inventory, delivery, purchasing and staging. Fundamentally, the Supply Chain processes can dramatically impact the health of an organization.

Briefly describe what you do, what is the average day?

Most of my day, I spend working with the client directly, either facilitating a workshop to define their business processes or guiding them through Maximo functionalities. If I am not with the client, I am documenting and or configuring the application with the results of the day's workshops. Recently I recorded a webinar that discusses Supply Chain Management challenges.

A Supply Chain in any organization is that company’s backbone. There is a range of functions to manage, such as; customer needs, measurement of time and costs, stability, and continuous alignment. These areas are never on autopilot; we must stay ahead of the curb. I am always staying up to speed with the latest features and user interfaces with Maximo. In V7.6, Supply Chain Management has been enhanced from materials management to purchasing, receiving, and invoicing. The overall effect of these enhancements is that workflows are streamlined, and usability is improved.

What’s the best thing about your job?

It is hard to identify what the best thing is about my job. Each client brings a diverse set of needs and challenges. Each assignment is like starting for a brand-new company. I get all that positive energy from the new relationships.

I love working with the Cohesive employees and forming a very cohesive team. (A little pun intended.) Working with Cohesive resources is unique since we all have extensive experience in various fields and industries. None of us profess to know everything, and we are always willing and open to innovative ideas and approaches.

I enjoy working with Cohesive team members that may be starting their careers. Guiding them, mentoring them thru challenges, or watching them lead their first successful workshop, are moments of great satisfaction for me.

My job allows me to see and experience things that very few people have. I have sat behind the ESPN Sports Center desk. I have eaten Kellogg's raisin bran off the production line. I have seen the production of Rice Krispies and Fruit Loops. I have had an ice cream sandwich at the ice cream plant before the cookie has gotten soft. I have watched Case assemble a tractor just like the one that I use to drive on the family farm. I have been in the control room of several major power plants around the country. I have flown on the Kroger and Bayer corporate jets. The accumulation of all these experiences helps me stay aware of all the unique circumstances that can impact the specifics within a supply chain.

What’s the best thing about Cohesive?

The people. As I mentioned earlier, Cohesive employees are unique in the amount of varying experience in so many different industries. Everyone is always willing to pitch in and help.

What inspires you?

I love to create, build, and solve problems.

Fill in the blank: I once met…

I have some good answers for this question! Martin Short, Americas Most Wanted Host, John Walsh and I lounged by a pool with Stone Cold Steve Austin while our kids played.

Greatest game in history?

Hockey. Specifically, the 1972 Canada versus Russia.

What are five words (or less) of advice for others in your profession?

Experience, Connect, Absorb, Enjoy the ride.

We help organizations manage lean, efficient, smooth-running supply chains. Learn more here or visit us next week at MaximoWorld.

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