Employee Spotlight- 20th Anniversary Edition: Matt Logsdon

Posted by Matt Logsdon on May 30, 2018


Cohesive Solutions is celebrating 20 years in business! Part of what makes our organization unique is the people that make up our team and the combined years of experience we have in the industries we serve. In honor of this milestone, we sat down with Matt Logsdon, Executive Vice President of Sales at Cohesive Solutions, who has been with the company since 2008 and worked in the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) space for over 20 years. We asked Matt about his journey with Cohesive through Enterprise Asset and Performance Management over the past decade. Here’s what he had to say:

What was your experience with Asset Management before Cohesive Solutions?

Well, I guess it’s fair to say my Asset Management experience started out as a kid for my brother and me, since our Dad had/has a passion for taking care of things and making sure all of the family assets (cars, air conditioners, boat, fishing gear, etc.) were reliable and in a continuous state of good repair. There is no replacement for this type of training at an early age. 

From college, I took a position with Brown & Root/Haliburton as a mechanical and ocean engineer, designing the top-side facilities of off-shore oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and around the world. These platforms were the assembly of numerous complex assets and systems that had to work in extreme environmental conditions. The design had to include maintainability consideration for the lifespan of each asset.

A few years into this engineering design experience I was asked to get involved in the application of Computer Aided Design (CAD) to Brown & Roots business. This role gave me the opportunity to create a "digital twin" of our off-shore facilities before they were built. From the CAD model and associated P&ID's additional digital information (Master Equipment Lists, Line Lists, Valve Schedules, Instrument Indexes, etc.)  propagated to supporting systems including Asset Management systems.

It became clear to me that the design and build phases of any complex facility or asset was just a small fraction of time compared to its complete life-cycle. As a result, I became increasingly interested in the care and feeding of assets after they went into operation. This led me to a company called PSDI/MRO Software and Maximo™. MRO Software was acquired by IBM where I led the Federal Maximo sales team.

How long have you worked with EAM solutions?

I have been working in the EAM space for more than 20 years. I joined Cohesive in 2008, just ten short years ago.

What drew you to Cohesive Solutions?

When I first heard about the opportunity with Cohesive Solutions, I was intrigued because it gave me the chance to build something with the organization and aid Cohesive in making their name and place in the Maximo space. When I came on board the company was small; it consisted only of the four partners and a few technical consultants. I was excited about working with them, combining our knowledge of not only the solution but also the customer pain points, as well as years of industry experience to build a strong foundation for the company – and I believe we succeeded in doing this.

As we reflect on 20 years of business, how would you say the company has changed since you joined in 2008 to today?

Over that 10-year span, I have seen significant diversification in two areas.

The 1st being the industries we serve.  We now have clients across a broad range of industries including oil and gas, utilities, aerospace and defense, manufacturing, facilities management, transportation and sports and entertainment.

The 2nd is diversification of our offerings.  We now complement our traditional services with software sales, support, training, cloud hosting and software renewals.

Celebrating 20 years in business is quite a milestone, what qualities do you see here in the company that helped achieve this milestone, and will help it continue to thrive?

I believe one of our most valuable characteristics as a company is that we know the customer because we WERE the customer. Our founding partners and subject matter experts have been the end users for years at different corporations and worked their way through various titles and responsibilities associated with EAM. Our team knows first-hand what pains the customer and how we can help tackle unique challenges. 

How have client needs/demands for sophisticated systems increased or changed over the years?

The age of IoT has touched everything in EAM, putting a magnifying glass on all related programs, assets and processes. Now, our customers have a greater focus on improving their efficiency and business processes with the new tools they are given as it relates to anything from sensors to mobile devices. The core product of Maximo as an Asset Management tool hasn’t had to change much, but it has been interesting to see it evolve and take on the new characteristics associated with this digital and connected world.

Looking to implement or enhance your Maximo solution? Our combined industry and solution experience and a team of certified Maximo consultants will guide your organization to getting the most out of your Maximo system. Learn more about our implementation method or contact us.

Written by Matt Logsdon

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