Data vs. Information | Does your data talk?

Posted by Jordan Lowry | Marketing Intern on January 13, 2017

The alarm goes off in the morning and you pick up your phone. You look at the time: a numerical value. You look at the number of emails you received throughout the night: another value. Then, You check the weather and you find yet another number: outside temperature.

When you add to your depth of knowledge with the numerical value of temprature, you associate meaning to it. By itself, the data doesn’t actually say much; it holds little meaning. However, when you process it by correlating other data and meaning, it becomes information that can tell you things.

It tells you what you're going to wear for the day, whether you want your coffee hot or iced, it may even give you an indication of how much traffic you are going to sit in on the way to work. With this, you are now able to plan and prepare for your day appropriately, all because you turned data into information. Imagine if you had no cognitive association with what 30 degrees meant. Imagine if you didn't understand that when it rains at 30 degrees the roads will ice, and that you will need a jacket, and that you should drive slowly - or maybe even stay home.

Do you seek information on your organizational performance every morning?  Do you get it before you leave the house?  Are you getting data or actionable information? 

Cohesive Solutions transforms data into information, bridging the gap between strategy and operations. We can give you operational insight and context at  the office, while at lunch, or at home.  We can simplify the identification of opportunities for business improvements and help you make them happen.

Don't stand out in 30-degree weather without being prepared.  Click to learn more.

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