Change Management v. Adoption Management: How to Make Change Stick in your Maintenance Program

Posted by Jim Hogan on March 9, 2021


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When we asked a group of Maximo users what they needed to hear more about to drive success in their Enterprise Asset Management, EAM, programs, one of the top responses was: “Organizational Change Management and Adoption.”

 A typical EAM implementation includes (or should include) change management efforts. Change management is defined as “ as the methods and manners in which a company describes and implements change within both its internal and external processes. ... Developing a structured approach to change is critical to help ensure a beneficial transition while mitigating disruption.”

The problem with stopping at change management, is this – an internal process for managing change isn’t necessarily a process for adopting change. Managing and adopting are two different things.

 In other words, you can manage a budgeting app for your family. You can connect your cards, set it up to track your spending, set limits and thresholds for categories, etc. But setting this up doesn’t mean you’ve adopted it into your lifestyle. Adopting the budgeting, buying into it and learning and following through with how to implement it into your day to day is a totally different task. The adoption of the budget and its’ behaviors is what will help you make impacts in saving more and spending more wisely, not management.

The adoption of your EAM implementation takes the same approach. This is what drives sustained change and continuous improvement for your maintenance program.

A Forbes study revealed that 84% of organizations fail with digital adoption, meaning when a new software or software addition is implemented to streamline operations, the end users are unable to fully benefit from the changes because they haven’t successfully adopted the new software and processes around it.

Successful adoption of your asset management initiative, directly translates to the ROI you get on your project.

In order to drive successful adoption, you need:

  1. The Why – people want to know what is in it for them and see the full vision. How does this affect my daily life? How will this make me better at my job? Why should I take the time to learn it? This will make it personal.
  2. Innovation – Ditch relying 100% on outdated methods of learning. The technology you are using is changing, updating and becoming more innovative – so should the methods you use for adoption of said technology.
  3. Customization – There are multiple different learning styles. These can be different based on preference, personality type, and even age. Offering multiple learning methods will increase adoption because it creates a more tailored learning experience for each individual.
  4. Accountability – Decide how you will track the progress of adoption for the end users.
  5. On the Job Training – Reading a scenario on a PowerPoint is simply not the same thing as applying it on the field, in real time.

The Cohesive Solutions EAM Adoption Approach

Our EAM change management methodology has a unique focus and approach to technology adoption. We offer end users the ability to train inside the app in real time, with custom training options. On the job training helps end users understand how the changes affect their day to day and increases the pace at which learning and application happens. The use of automated dashboards helps admins track the progress of each end user, and options self-guidance guide users through their daily tasks with a virtual helper.

Access the webinar:

Driving EAM Technology Adoption with a Unique and Innovative Approach


Written by Jim Hogan

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