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Short Cycling Your EAM Systems Implementation Only leads to a V8 Moment.

Posted by George Lowry on August 21, 2019

Don't have a V-8 Moment Expecting big dollar savings by short cycling your major systems deployments. As great as it sounds, trying to reduce costs in this manner creates risk before your project is out of the starting gate.  You'll be headed for a "V8 Moment".

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Topics: EAM Implementation, Short Cycling

Go Live is Not the Finish Line

Posted by George Lowry on June 6, 2019

Every year I attend a number of industry-based conferences.  For the semi-annual conferences, my typical MO is to attend the keynote and plenary session presentations, then retreat to a common area to address the mountain of email that had accumulated over the prior two hours. The typical format [...]

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Increase Organizational Success with IBM Maximo for Supply Chain

Posted by George Lowry on April 18, 2018

Supply Chain impacts most organizations throughout the business, as they are dependent upon the integration of Supply Chain into their respective processes. Asset management depends upon Supply Chain to deliver and maintain an adequate number of critical spare parts and deliver materials and [...]

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Topics: supply chain management

An Eye on Performance Management

Posted by George Lowry on October 17, 2017

At times I struggle with the data behind various power-stats but this one from Workfront, Inc. stood out, and I believe to be true...  

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Topics: Performance Management, Performance Management for Maximo

Procedures Give Us Academy Award Winning Moments

Posted by George Lowry on February 28, 2017

    Getting it right the first time is hard. This past Sunday night of the Oscars turned into one very explosive moment. I write this from a place of empathy as I read through the last 48 hours of Oscar flub social media posts burning a hole in my mind about the importance of procedures and [...]

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Topics: Business Solutions, business process, Procedures, EAM business intelligence

Don't Blame IT: Follow Up Thoughts

Posted by George Lowry on December 13, 2016


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Topics: Data Quality, Data Confidence

Don't Blame IT.

Posted by George Lowry on July 5, 2016


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Topics: Business Intelligence, Performance Management, Data Quality, Data Confidence, Change Management, KPIs, metrics, business performance

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