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Are you Registered for MaximoWorld 2022 – The Biggest Maximo Event of the Year?

Posted by Cohesive Solutions on May 10, 2022

MaximoWorld 2022 is THE biggest Maximo user event of the year.  MaximoWorld 2022 Takes place at a new location this year – in Austin, TX | August 9-11. 

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Cohesive at DistribuTECH 2022

Posted by Cohesive Solutions on April 15, 2022

Cohesive is excited to attend DistribuTECH 2022 in May. DistribuTECH is a leading international conference for those focused on the movement of energy - particularly Transmission & Distribution - in the utility space.

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Cohesive at SMR & Advanced Reactor Conference

Posted by Cohesive Solutions on April 15, 2022

The SMR & Advanced Reactor Conference provides an opportunity for 300+ attendees to exchange information, network, and discuss industry trends, goals, and solutions to drive performance in the nuclear industry. 

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Topics: Nuclear Operations

Guide to Maximo Industry Solutions and Maximo Add-On Solutions

Posted by Cohesive Solutions on January 4, 2022

Table of Contents Maximo HSE - Health, Safety, and Environmental Maximo Oil & Gas Maximo Calibration Maximo Scheduler Maximo Asset Configuration Manager Maximo Linear Asset Management Maximo Spatial Maximo Industry Solutions Maximo for Nuclear Power Maximo Civil Infrastructure Maximo Aviation [...]

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New Nuclear Engineering and Design: Digital’s Role in 2022

Posted by Cohesive Solutions on December 21, 2021

Transforming new nuclear through technology and process excellence 

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Your Guide to the Maximo Application Suite

Posted by Cohesive Solutions on August 10, 2021

What is the Maximo Application Suite?  Maximo Application Suite, also referred to as MAS, is an integrated, multi-cloud deployed suite of IBM applications that enable organizations to optimize asset reliability by accessing remote asset monitoring, maintenance, and reliability applications in a [...]

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Topics: Maximo

5 Must Have's to Successfully Kick Off a 2022-2023 Work Management System Implementation

Posted by Cohesive Solutions on July 15, 2021

Effective project execution begins with a plan. When transmission or distribution work management system implementations go awry, common practice is to look for unexpected or unforeseen events along the way that triggered the problem. 

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Tracking and Monitoring Asset Depreciation Inside of your Maximo EAM System

Posted by Cohesive Solutions on June 22, 2021

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) implementations of Maximo are always focused around the value that an asset brings to the business and the effect that it can have on the business if the asset is unavailable. This will determine its maintenance and replacement strategy – what the asset is worth, [...]

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Webinar: Drive EAM Technology Adoption with this innovative Approach

Posted by Cohesive Solutions on June 17, 2021

A Forbes study revealed that 84% of organizations fail with digital adoption, meaning when a new software or software addition is implemented to streamline operations, the end users are unable to fully benefit from the changes because they haven’t successfully adopted the new software and processes [...]

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5 Reasons to use IBM Maximo for Supply Chain

Posted by Cohesive Solutions on June 2, 2021

Supply chain plays an important role in the maintenance world. Supply chain encompasses everything from procurement of an asset to receiving and storing the assets used to run operations. 

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Topics: Maximo for Supply Chain

Asset Lifecycle Management: 6 Stages and Best Practices

Posted by Cohesive Solutions on May 10, 2021

What is an Asset? An asset is defined as any useful or valuable thing, person or quantity. Infrastructure assets are long-term capital assets that are typically stationary in nature. Examples of infrastructure assets would be things like: 

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Topics: Asset Lifecycle Management

Regulatory Compliance Solutions: How Maximo helps with Regulatory Compliance

Posted by Cohesive Solutions on April 26, 2021

The majority of clients we work with are operating in highly regulated industries such as Utilities, Oil & Gas, and Nuclear Energy. These organizations are subject to regulatory agencies which govern and guide how an organization and its employees operate and maintain their assets.

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Topics: Maximo

Strategic Leadership for the Nuclear Industry

Posted by Cohesive Solutions on March 24, 2021

Joe Klecha is a go-to-industry leader for Nuclear Power Plant performance recovery and its with much excitement that we welcome him to the Cohesive Solutions team. Throughout his career, he was recruited by many top nuclear organizations to fix poor performing power plants or fleets. In his [...]

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Next Generation User Experience with Maximo Mobile and Work Centers

Posted by Cohesive Solutions on February 25, 2021

Maximo Mobile and Work Centers are major focus areas of IBM. IBM is undergoing a shift from running Work Centers built on Google Polymer to a new platform using React Carbon Design components.

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How to Conduct a Root Cause Analysis for your Maintenance Program

Posted by Cohesive Solutions on February 18, 2021

When you see a problem occurring in your business, the most natural and important response is to ask “why is this happening?” This is typically when maintenance organizations begin to think about the root cause. A root cause is the most foundational issue that results in a series of cause and [...]

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Topics: Root Cause Analysis

What You Need to Know About the End of Support for Maximo 7.6.0.x

Posted by Cohesive Solutions on January 11, 2021

In late 2020, IBM announced the end of support for all Maximo V7.6.0.x and compatible versions of products, industry solutions and add-ons that will take effect on September 30, 2021. If you are a Maximo veteran, you’ve seen this story before.  Your organization has invested quite a bit of time and [...]

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5 Considerations for Successful Virtual Implementation Workshops

Posted by Cohesive Solutions on May 27, 2020

Like many others, our team of system integrator and business process consultants went from road warriors, flying out weekly to run workshops and manage EAM implementations on site – to running high priority workshops from home. We understand we aren’t alone in determining the best ways to overcome [...]

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EAM Manager's Guide to Productive Meetings

Posted by Cohesive Solutions on May 12, 2020

“This company has too many meetings." Throughout my career I’ve heard more times than I can remember.  I challenge that notion. I believe we do not have too many meetings, we have too many poorly conducted meetings. 

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Maximo Tip: Accessibility Keyboard Features in IBM Maximo

Posted by Cohesive Solutions on October 16, 2019

Did you know about Maximo's keyboard shortcuts? This is one of their multiple accessibility features which enable all users to use the program successfully, despite things such as restricted mobility or limited vision.

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Topics: Keyboard Accessibility

ReliabilityWeb Awards Cohesive Solutions at MaximoWorld 2019

Posted by Cohesive Solutions on August 22, 2019

August 22, 2019 – Kennesaw, GA Cohesive Solutions is proud to be the Best New Implementation award recipient of ReliabilityWeb's 2019 award program. This award was presented at the MaximoWorld conference in Orlando, FL earlier this month. The MaximoWorld Awards recognize extraordinary achievements [...]

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Topics: Maximo Implementation, EAM Implementation

How This Objective Wheel Guides Your Reliability Journey

Posted by Cohesive Solutions on August 13, 2019

Reliability is a journey – not a destination. If you’ve been in the industry for some time, you’ve probably heard that one before. Because, it’s true! This journey will have many pit stops, detours, and construction zones, and like any trip that you take in any facet of life – it’s best to have a [...]

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Topics: Propel Performance Management

Partner Spotlight: Projetech - Bringing Maximo to the Cloud Has Never Been Easier

Posted by Cohesive Solutions on June 27, 2019

Cloud platforms are enabling new, complex business models and orchestrating more globally based integration networks than many analyst and advisory firms predicted.  Cloud options give organizations the high-level functionality of enterprise software, without the maintenance of hosting it [...]

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Topics: SaaS, Maximo Cloud

Partner Spotlight: Smart Partnerships Make Great Maximo Implementations

Posted by Cohesive Solutions on April 29, 2019

SRO Solutions is a global value-added Maximo solution partner to Cohesive Solutions. Cohesive leverages SRO's Data Utility  (SDU) toolkit to provide Maximo upgrades with zero downtime. This unique partnership generates extensive Maximo consultancy knowledge for joint implementations. Working [...]

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Topics: Business Partnerships, IBM Maximo

This IBM Business Partner is Celebrating 20 Years in Business, and it All Started with a Napkin

Posted by Cohesive Solutions on December 18, 2018

In the executive conference room of Cohesive Solutions’ Kennesaw, GA headquarters, you will find a cocktail napkin with a few ink scribbles framed on the wall; an unusual choice of décor for the IBM business partner and systems integrator. However, with a closer look, you will discover four names [...]

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Solving complexity of GIS and EAM Integration for T&D Asset Life Cycle

Posted by Cohesive Solutions on May 5, 2017


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What does End of Support (EoS) for Maximo V7.5 mean for you?

Posted by Cohesive Solutions on May 1, 2017

It’s that time again.  IBM has announced this past month the end of support for Maximo V7.5 that will take effect on April 30, 2018.  If you are a Maximo veteran, you’ve seen this story before.  Your organization has invested quite a bit of time and money into buying and implementing a sound [...]

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