A Smart Look at Maximo with Innovative Technology

Posted by Matt Logsdon on October 6, 2017

On October 4, 2017 I attended the IBM hosted event in Boston called “Genius of Things”.

While the event had many threads, the focus was to provide insight on IBM’s approach to leveraging connected assets (i.e. IoT) and the value IBM’s Watson adds to a connected world.

My primary objective in attending was to stay current on emerging technologies that will benefit our existing and future clients.

During the event I did a brief evaluation of Daqri’s Smart Helmet. This unique device is truly visionary and may very well be standard equipment for the 21st century worker in a wide range of industries we serve; Oil & Gas, Utilities, Manufacturing and Facilities Management to name a few.

This helmet was much more than a comfortable piece of quality safety gear. Rather, I consider it to be the Swiss Army knife of technology for the modern work force. Here are just of few of its features:

  • Large field of view, see through optical display
  • High speed, wide angle tracking camera
  • Dedicated processor for Augmented Reality (AR) application
  • Depth sensors
  • Fully integrated thermal sensor/camera   
  • Integrated private mic and speaker

The Smart Helmet is a brilliant blending of hardware and software that comes together in a lightweight, rugged, tool that is extremely intuitive to use. 

I took the Smart Helmet for a spin mirroring common use cases our clients see every day. For example, when I looked (Daqri refers to this as gazing) at a physical pump and said, “show me the job plan” I instantly saw the list of tasks to performed. No paper! No mouse! No handheld smart phone or tablet! Just point your head in the right direction and give the command.

With another simple command I could view an animation of the work procedure I was about to perform showing me which valves to close and in which order. The animation was represented as an overlay on top of the physical piece of equipment I was standing in front of. If you've ever watched the movie Iron Man you get the picture.

And… with another command I could see meter readings and system operating conditions directly on the see-through heads up display as if the pump I was looking at came to life.

Commands are given in two simple forms; head positioning and/or verbal.

What’s more, it appears Daqri provides the API’s needed to integrate the Smart Helmet with EAM solutions like Maximo.

To be used in its full capacity the Smart Helmet does require a connection to the wireless network.

Daqri also offers Smart Glasses which provide simpler capabilities at a lower price point for those not in an industrial setting.

I see significant potential for this type of technology and look forward integrating it into upcoming projects.

Topics: Innovation, Technology

Written by Matt Logsdon

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