what does 'good' look like? Using KPIs to define and measure success

Posted by Lauren Poole on July 24, 2017

Think back to your last project or initiative? How did it go? Did you respond well? How do you know it was a success? Perhaps you’ve heard rumors that everyone is using the system and that one manager that was vocal seems quiet now and, dare you say, happy. Or, perhaps your training surveys showed [...]

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Topics: Performance Management, KPI, KPIs, IBM Maximo

What Does a Pony Ride Have in Common with Maximo?

Posted by Stephanie Robinson on July 10, 2017

Imagine you’re a dedicated breeder of fine thoroughbred race horses.  You love horses.  Your whole life revolves around horses. You love everything about horses but you have a special affinity for fine animals at their peak physical strength and beauty.

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The Task at hand is not 'Just' the task at hand

Posted by Dale Chirico on June 27, 2017

Recently, Cohesive Solutions completed a very successful Maximo for Utilities (T&D) implementation for a major power company in the Midwest. Over the course of two plus years we went through an exhaustive list of activities to bring this project to fruition. These steps included; integrating Maximo [...]

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Five Mistakes to Avoid with your next Maximo Go live

Posted by Lauren Poole on June 13, 2017

  Change Management is a structured approach to ensuring that changes are thoroughly and smoothly implemented, and that the lasting benefits of change are achieved; focus is on the wider impacts of change, particularly on people and how they, as individuals and teams, move from the current [...]

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Maximo Master Contract Tips

Posted by Joe Jordan on June 5, 2017


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Meet Akeafa Momen: Cohesive Co-Op from Georgia Tech

Posted by Akeafa Momen on May 18, 2017

Co-Ops at Cohesive Solutions are an integral part of our company culture. In 2015 Cohesive developed a co-op program where we partnered with 2 local universities: Kennesaw State and Georgia Tech, to engage with their career centers. As part of our regular blog we will be sharing a co-op story. This [...]

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Topics: Career Opportunities, Propel Performance Management, Internships

Solving complexity of GIS and EAM Integration for T&D Asset Life Cycle

Posted by Aaron Bowman | GIS Lead on May 5, 2017


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What does End of Support (EoS) for Maximo V7.5 mean for you?

Posted by Patrick Kenney on May 1, 2017

It’s that time again.  IBM has announced this past month the end of support for Maximo V7.5 that will take effect on April 30, 2018.  If you are a Maximo veteran you’ve seen this story before.  Your organization has invested quite a bit of time and money into buying and implementing a sound [...]

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Mock Your Way to a Healthy Maximo Upgrade

Posted by Ross Poole on April 12, 2017

  A Maximo upgrade project is often time-consuming and expensive. One critical lynch pin in the entire process is simple imitation.   There are several reasons that clients decide to upgrade to a current version of Maximo. The most common reason is related to version support from IBM. Other clients [...]

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What St. Patrick's Day Teaches us About Trustworthy Information

Posted by Anthony Honaker on March 17, 2017


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Topics: Data Quality, Data Confidence, Trustworthy Information, Trustworthy Data

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